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Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center

Ceramic studio Glass studio

Studio Facilities: Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center

The Center is open from 10:00 -18:00, closed on Tuesdays.
The size of the studio is about 50 square meters. Please share with the trainee of ceramic artists and glass artists.
An assistant will be available if necessary (advance consultation required)
Equipment available to use at the Center is as follows:

<<Ceramic Studio>>
Gas kiln (2 cu. m & 0.5 cu. m) with shuttle style automatic controller: 1 unit per each size, Electric kiln (10kW) with automatic controller: 2 units (1 of them is shared with the glass studio), Electric kiln (15kW) with automatic controller: 1 unit (shared with the glass studio), Electrical wheel for throwing, Electrical wheel for making plaster mold, Vacuum pug mill, Pug mill Pot mill, Automatic mortar, Plaster vacuum pug mill, Glaze spray booth, Spray compressor, Glaze mixer

<<Glass Studio>>
Glass dissolving furnace (closed pot) 1 unit, Glory hole: 3 units, Annealing oven(10 kW): 1 unit, Electric kiln(10kw,22kw), Pick up oven (8kw), Pipe roller, Pipe warmer, Pipe cooler, Bench, Sand blaster, Diamond grinder, Flat disk grinder, wheel polisher, Trim saw, Air Water sander, Diamond wheel, Belt sander, Electric kiln (10kW, 15kW) with automatic controller: 1 unit each (shared with the ceramic studio).

Information [office]
Seto City Cultural Promotion Foundation
ADDRESS : 113-3  Nishiibara, Seto, Aichi, 489-0884, Japan
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