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Ms. Geszler Garzuly is based in Hungary, the center of Eastern European ceramics, and has taken part in different international projects and competitions such as Kecskemet. She forms her works by mold-making with porcelain clay and prints the photographic images on their surfaces inspired by music or social problems.


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Violines with necksI-II
Born in 1941  
1965 Graduated from Applied Art University, Budapest and took her ceramic artist diploma
1982 Become a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC)
2002 Become a member of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
2000 Hungarian Ceramics Biennale,1stPrize(2000)
2002 International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan, Bronze Award(2002)
2004 Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan, Bronze Award (2004)
2005 Ceramica Multiplex International Competition, Varasdin, Croatia, Grand Award (2005)
Solo Exhibition:
2003 Hochneunkirchen, Museum of Laxemburg(2003)
2004 Dorottya Gallery, Budapest(2004)
2006 Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu(2006)
Group Exhibition:
2003 Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu "The Legacy of Modern Ceramic Art(2003)
2004 "The Power of Design and Art"(2004)
Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale(2004)
Westerwald Museum, Germany International Saltglaze Competition(2004),
"White-Hard-Translucent"porcelain exhibition(2004)
IAC Meeting exhibition,Icheon,Korea(2004)
2006年 Riga,Latvia(2006)
Artist in Residence:
Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park,Japan(1999),,
2003 Skaelskor,DK(2003)
2006 International Ceramics Studio Museum, Kecskemet Hungary(2006)
2006 Tajimi,Gifu(2006)

The sources from which I dwell, is my interest in different cultures and their traditions. They come from the basis of my own background. With parents who originated from the Far East and me having grown up in the West, I have been formed and nourished by two cultures.
In a way, I am in search of elements that match the process that is going on inside of me, of shaping my own identity and of self perception.
A synthesis, a symbiosis, a melting pot of different cultures that enrich each other.

I look upon my work as an interaction between what is observed and the emotions that are felt versus the outside world which also play a role in the process. The frame of mind at a particular moment together with seeing what is already there, cause the formulation of the next step.

As a result of this interaction, a story of its own arises. My every day reality together with my romantic reality that colors my view of the world. The outside world is thus converted to my inner world. Consequently it becomes emotionally accessible and possible to deal with artistically.

Through traveling and doing projects I shape my ideas about this. The mixture of cultural expressions, especially focused on traditional ceramic art(crafts) and architecture are the branches of art of which I use certain elements.

Through the recurrent character of my work, I examine the technical possibilities as well as the limitations in this area. Through orientation and working at different ceramics companies that apply these reproduction techniques, I gain experiences. This concerns companies in and outside the region where I live.

My work as an artist is a reaction to the aforementioned, I make statues and/or installations, within which I try to define/explore the line between arts and crafts.

I make use of varied forms and/or form elements. By placing them as a structural element in a repetitive composition they are disconnected form their original functional use/function. In this way/thus I evoke a different way of looking at them, i.e. different from looking at each element separately. On the one hand the aspect of repetition
creates a bigger distance, on the other hand it straitens out the path to approach the work of art in total, with its own significance and validity.