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Details of Exchange Program
Christine WAXWEILER (France)

Ms. Waxweiler learned visual art at Nancy, the birthplace of Art Nouveau, and works not only as a ceramist but also as a painter. She forms ceramics with many layers of faience and decorates them with brushwork in different colors, including gold. She has also taken a course in Bizen ware.


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Begining of Spring and Buttercup
Born in 1959
1979年 1979 Graduated from Nancy Fine Art Academy, France
2002年 2002 Researched Bizen ware at Aogaki, Okayama, Japan

2004 Exhibition "Maison/objet PARIS"
Ceramic Market in Herbignac, Gouttieres and Montauban
Exhibition Furth, Germany
Exhibition Gallery Grace, Kobe, Japan
Exhibition Daiwa Kanazawa, Japan
2005 Exhibition" Maison/objet PARIS"  Exhibition Osaka, Japan
Exhibition Gallery Anagama-S+Germain en Laye, France
Planned and Joined Ceramic Exchange Program as an event of "EU-Japan Year of People to People Exchanges " with Shozan Akiyama from Bizen at Tuilerie de Pouligny, Cheniers, France
2006 Exhibition" Maison/objet PARIS"
Planned and Joined Ceramic Exchange Program as an event of "EU-Japan Year of People to
People Exchanges " with Shozan Akiyama and Frederique Hirbangua from Burkina Faso at Tuilerie de Pouligny, Cheniers, France

Already my 5th trip to Japan! What time passes quickly! But I go from discounted in discovery, of pleasure in pleasure....The first time I came, I was like a small girl amazed with wonder at all.

My eyes were opened wide in front of all the beauties of Japanese Culture, my head turned in all the directions to the search of least information, and my heart passed from emotion in emotion.

The years pass and this emotion is always here. I am always dazzled and impressed by all his sensitivities to Japanese Culture. The participation in the residence of artist in town of Seto is a real pleasure.To show its work, to explain it, communicate it to other people are in adorable moment of happiness. I have much chance. I would like to thank you for all comprehension and the indulgence, with you had in my connection.

Oh my god! What of patience, of generosity throughout my stay!
A large thanks you with the entire organization, which was perfect.

Thank you to the mayor of Seto, to the director of Seto City Cultural Center, to the director of Art Center, and all the staff of this program. I passed from great moments among you and I will never forget it. Your kindness and all the feelings received during my stay certainly will be transcribed in my next artistic creations.

I am glad to have been able to take part for a short period in the collaboration of this exchange to know-how. I wish only one thing, to keep in touch with you and to meet you again and a long life to Seto artist in residency program.

Art and ceramics have the same way and have the same language. We have all same passion and I hope that this way continues a long time towards a happy future.

Finally thank you for these magic moments for ceramic and sharing.